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01-10-2014, 05:59 PM
I'm a Hungarian guy. All of my life I thought I'm surely 100% Hungarian on my paternal side (like the horse archer nomads from the steppe who came to the Carpathian Basin AD. 895 :D ) till my test results came back from FTDNA.

My Y-DNA haplogroup is J2b* M205-, M241-. I have 3 matches. All of them from Armenia, or Armenian descent. Two of them from one family, genetic distance between my kit and their is like: 10/12, 23/25, 33/37, 58/67 and 10/12, 22/25, 32/37, 57/67, with the other one (Syrian Armenian) I have 16 and they have 14-14 distance on 67 marker. This is a rather far connection, absolutely out of genealogical time frame (last 450 years from present). Y-Utility predicts (95% probability) cca. 1000 years with the the men who are closely related, and 1500 from the Syrian Armenian.

I've searched the Hungarian National Archaives prior to my FTDNA test. I've found the coat of arms of my family and some valuable descriptions. My direct paternal ancestors became nobles in 1593, they lived in North-Western Hungary in a village, where my grandpa was born also and his forefathers as well. It is documented (birth, marriage and death certificates) till the middle of the XVIII century, so it's really looks like that from 1593 my direct paternal ancestors lived in that village. In the coat of arms however, there is a red flag depicting a double-headed black eagle. Looks like an Albanian flag, the flag of Skanderbeg.

My autosomal results were uploaded to GedMatch.com where I did some admixture tests. The Oracle came up with 80-90% Hungarian, 10-15% Italian, Greek, Cypriot and some other Southern samples. I've sent my raw data to Dr. Doug McDonald, his test assured me that I have a considerable amount of "MidEast" admixture, his mapping program puts my "MidEast" admixture to Epirus, North-West Greece, South Albania. I know that autosomal tests time frame is much more limited than the Y-DNA or the mtDNA, and of course it could have come from other sides of my family tree.

I read a lot about Hungarian history, and because of my results Armenian an Byzantine history as well. I have a theory, that my forfathers were Armenian warriors, who came to the Balkans in the IX-X. century, to fight in the Byzantine emprerors army, then settled in Epirus, and after the fall of Albania they sought refuge in the Kingdom of Hungary.

(Another thing. I know J2b is widespread in Albania, and has the highest frequency there. But as I know it's the clade J2b2 (M241+) and has a very low variety of haplotypes, so I've ruled out this option, but you can convience my with a good argument! ;) )

What do you think about this theory? Could there be any other explanation? I'd be really interested in those view who are from Greece, Albania, Armenia, and knows the history of their states and ethnic groups well!

Family Coat of Arms
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8584414/c%2030_sopron_acta%20familiae%20bakody(000000001_0 01_cimer).jpg

McDonald result and map