View Full Version : Do good and bad people exist in all ethnicities?

10-12-2019, 11:19 PM
I'm inclined to answer "yes" to that question, however it's still possible that you can find a higher proportion of "evil" people in certain ethnicities. In addition, what we understand by "evil" is somewhat subjective, and there are various degrees as well as types of evilness. People sometimes talk about the "dark triad", which includes psychopathic, machiavellian and narcissistic traits. Others add a fourth dimension to it that includes sadistic traits.

I recall a meeting where an anthropologist explained that they identified certain DNA variants that may affect personality that had been selected for in Indigenous Americans. Apparently, these variants made their carriers more reckless or adventurous, and were more prevalent the farther you go from Africa (which makes sense considering that the Americas were the last continent to be colonized by modern humans).

In your experience, do people of different ethnicities differ in their character? Do you find that the proportion of bad vs. good people is more or less the same across the globe? Are certain types of evilness more prevalent in some ethnicities than in others?

10-13-2019, 04:23 AM
Well there's a loaded question if I ever saw one. I don't think you can objectively quantify "good" vs. "bad" people. Of course, this is a major philosophical question that depends on what particular worldview you hold, religious or otherwise, but I don't think most people are intrinsically "evil", if such a thing exists. Some people are clearly wired to commit acts that would generally be considered evil, and would probably do so regardless of the environment they were raised in (sociopaths, psychopaths - people seemingly born without any capacity for empathy), but I doubt that certain "ethnicities" are linked to significantly higher or lower instances of such disorders. In the majority of people, their likelihood to commit "evil" acts will be mostly dependent on their life circumstances, and culture can play a role in creating situations that would foster evil behavior, but blaming culture is very different from blaming ethnicity.

10-13-2019, 04:29 AM
I think one would be extremely hard pressed to find an ethnic group without any bad people. The chances of that are probably less than a unicorn becoming the next president of the USA.