View Full Version : Plot.ly PCA - Data plotting incorrectly (PAST imported data)

10-31-2019, 04:35 PM
Does anyone have experience using Plot.ly (https://chart-studio.plot.ly/feed/#/)'s online chart software? I must be doing something fundamentally wrong (formatting, settings related?).

For some reason, the nMonte data is plotting differently than in PAST even though I'm referencing the same components on the X and Y-axis.

As a visual comparison, below are scatter-plot screenshots of the same data using PAST and Plot.ly:

PAST (plots correctly):


I've tried changing the imported excel data to csv but it hasn't changed anything. I made a post on their support forum as well, if I get a response I'll post here, in case other anthrogenica users are experiencing the same.

Thanks for any assistance,