View Full Version : DNA.Land has solved their problems with FTDNA data

11-14-2019, 03:27 AM
DNA.Land was having quite a few problems with the FTDNA new file. They announced fixing them a few days ago, just to mention having problems again right after.

I decided to take a look today, and my results are finally there.


I guess it's not as bad as most people's, but there's quite a lot to be questioned: I never had this high Balkan - or maybe any Balkan at all - in other companies, but I guess it's okay-ish, considering I'm mostly Italian? I don't know exactly what South/Central European refers to. Concerning the Southwestern part: I guess it's my Iberian, but it's too low, and the Sardinian doesn't exist in my ancestry, so it's probably just the Iberian after all? Also, it's the first time I get Ashkenazi literally anywhere. And it's 17%! Finally, they probably put my middle-eastern in the Balkans as well, because I don't see it anywhere.

Things that are consistent: Northwestern European - I've been getting between 9% and 12.5% in other companies, so I guess that's fair. Native American is also good, and East African is also the same as everywhere.

Edit: I just found out they have a (new?) map feature that pinpoints your DNA matches and explains a little bit more of your results. Still processing the info in my mind.

11-14-2019, 03:34 PM
That map feature's been there for a while.

DNA Land is pretty generous with its Ashkenazi. I've seen so many Italian kits scoring some Ashkenazi, which is probably due to the genetic proximity. The Balkan, again, is probably due to genetic proximity. It has genuine North Italian samples but isn't overly accurate with them.

My FTDNA upload is probably the most accurate, doing as it does nailing my West Asian component, although it overestimates my Indus Valley and gives me Sardinian.

A big problem with DNA Land is its lack of Germanic samples. Again, North Italian is probably the closest but still no cigar.

11-14-2019, 04:44 PM
FTDNA was a bit problematic for me because it completely ignored my Iberian side, and it's not something small in my background. Surprinsingly, I think MyHeritage is the one which got closest to the mark. But I'm still waiting to do Ethnogene and hoping Ancestry will ship to my country one day.