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01-17-2014, 11:52 PM
Here are my MDLP world 22 results. I use this test because I seem to have a pretty varied ethnicity, and I am not sure which other tests might fit with a bit more accuracy. Can someone help me figure out what all this means? I do not truly know my heritage, except that mom is Italian/Irish. Rumor of dad being Native. I see some AmerIndian numbers here, but are they so low that it is just noise? Also, without any known Asian ancestry or Middle Eastern Ancestry, are these reflecting some other populations (I ask about Middle Eastern, because on Harappa, I get pretty decent numbers on Baloch & Caucasian)? Also, do numbers like the 0.08 on Indo-Tibetan actually reflect anything? Initial DNA test was done through Ancestry, if that helps.

Thanks a bunch for any insight!

Pygmy -
West-Asian 11.12%
North-European-Mesolithic 3.79%
Indo-Tibetan 0.08%
Mesoamerican 1.76%
Arctic-Amerind 7.22%
South-America_Amerind 5.45%
Indian 0.34%
North-Siberean -
Atlantic_Mediterranean_Neolithic 24.00%
Samoedic 9.68%
Indo-Iranian 1.65%
East-Siberean -
North-East-European 10.12%
South-African -
North-Amerind 7.56%
Sub-Saharian -
East-South-Asian 5.11%
Near_East 7.56%
Melanesian 3.23%
Paleo-Siberian -
Austronesian 1.33%

Also, I hope this was the right forum to post this in! Apologies if not.

01-25-2014, 03:05 AM
Hi Indigo,

You definitely have some actual Native American ancestry. Based on these results, your father is/was genetically around 56% Native American (if I calculated correctly). Since most Native Americans in the U.S seem to have some European admixture (and some are even predominantly European, in terms of genetic ancestry), this is quite consistent with your father being a Native American (I'm assuming you're from the States, but if that's not the case, I do apologize).