View Full Version : Anyone F2221+ ?

Bob Wilmott
01-21-2014, 02:51 PM
FTDNA classified me as I1-Z63+ and Geno 2.0 has since showed I am F2221+. Apparently F2221 is downstream of Z63. Is anyone else out there an F2221+ ?

Bob Wilmott
05-27-2014, 06:30 PM
Correction.... I am not F2221+ ! ! !

I am Z63+ (FTDNA kit # 247267). A few months ago, Geno2/FTDNA reported that I was F2221+. There must have made a mistake somewhere along the line because FTDNA have now removed F2221+ from my SNPs. So I am not F2221+.

FTDNA have also removed F2221+ from two other European-origin testers who Geno2/FTDNA originally said were F2221+ (FTDNA kit # 268852 and N117688).

In order to be certain of the position, I had Yseq.net test me for F2221 (position 16631874). Dr Thomas Krahn reports that I am F2221-, but that at the adjoining position (16631875) he has found a new mutation, which he has named A377, for which I am positive (A377+).

Dr Krahn has entered A377 onto http://ybrowse.isogg.org . Put A377 into the "Landmark or Region" box and hit the Search button. Yseq.net will be pleased to test any other Z63+ men for A377.