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12-13-2019, 08:05 PM
But two of the three just showed up this year, so maybe we're on a roll!
Now that we have "critical mass" of a sample size larger than one, I thought I would take a tip from Bollox79's U106 observations and create a thread to keep all the finds as they (hopefully) keep coming in.

So the first two in find order (the oldest and youngest in burial date), 6Drif23 and VK333 were found at latitudes north of Hamburg, Germany. 6Drif23 in York and VK333 on the island of Íland, Sweden. The raw data for VK333 is still embargoed. In the preprint, autosomally, he looked like a number of other Danish Viking-era samples who all had a triple-peak mix of southern, western and northern components. Culturally (burial style and carved incisors) VK333 very much looks like a Viking.

Here is 6Drif23's autosomal G25 map:



^^Culturally he and the rest of the decapitated Driffield Terrace crowd are something of a mystery. They were buried in a similar context, but it's not totally clear what was going on.

The third sample was found buried at the Mausoleo di Augusto (Mausoleum of the Emperor Augustus and a whole host of other Roman VIPs). We can probably rule out his being a Roman VIP, and his burial date estimate overlaps the date of the Mausoleum's looting (along with the rest of Rome) by Alaric's forces in 410 AD. While his burial far more south, his autosomal map is even more north "Germanic" than 6Drif23:


Y-SNPs: 6Drif23 is a DF88, RMPR31 is a Z302, and so far VK333 is just classified as DF19.
DF88 and Z302 are the two main subclades of DF19 and probably date at least as far back as Beaker times, but their modern distribution doesn't look radically different. Their modern distribution looks roughly like U106, just with far fewer members.
The two subclades may have traveled together or lived adjacently for a long time.

09-22-2020, 04:38 PM
Thanks to Sheepslayer, we now know VK333's line:

VK333 (Oland_1028), Sweden, 885 ▒ 69 CE: R1b-DF19 > FGC11833 > S4281 > S4268 > Z17112 > FT354149 > Z17125 > Z17123 > Z29034*

Level DF88: S4267 (+2), S7445 (+1), S23780 (+1)

Level FGC11833: FGC11833 (+1)

Level S4281: Z17109 (+2), Z17108 (+1), S4281 (+1)

Level S4268: Z17111 (+3)

Level Z17112: FGC68462 (+1)

Level FT354149: No calls, positive downstream. Presumed positive
Level Z27257: Z27261 (-1), Z27260 (-1)
Level S17075: S17075 (-1)
Level PH3649: S4273 (-1), S4276 (-1), S4288 (-1), Z39822 (-1)
Level Z21380: No calls, negative downstream

Level Z17125: FT37310 (+1)

Level Z17123: No calls, positive downstream. Presumed positive

Level Z29034: Z29036 (+2), Z29040 (+2), Z29037 (+2), Z29039 (+1)

Negative for FT116675 (1 read) and all downstream. Very negative for BY56504

You can now see VK333 and 6DRIF23 on the Big Tree: