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12-19-2019, 09:25 AM
Hi all,

First of all, congrats for this great forum. In totally new and this is my first post.

Recently I discovered that Im carry I-L623 and Im starting to investigate the Z161 subclades. 99% of Z161 members are L801, and my subclade is pretty rare.
Anyone could give me more info about it? I saw I-L623 is mainly found in Scotland & Ireland (Eupedia), and I trying to explane how this haplogroup reached Iberia, im Spaniard form the central peninsula.
I can found some L801 members in Iberia due the Germanic migrations, but I-623 is not a typical Germanic haplogroup right?:confused:

Many thanks in advance


12-19-2019, 10:48 PM
Saul, wellcome to AG forums!

You can check this resourse, Y-full. It gives age estimations for almost all Y-happlogroups.
We can see that L623 was formed 9800 years ago and had TMRCA 4700 years ago.
This means your branch is very old and its hard to understand its history.
We can see 3 old sub-branches, one only USA, another Ireland, third - Ireland and Germany; all of this doesn't give us much info.

You can also check FTDNA publich tree:
Are you that only Spanish of this happlogroup?

Probably you should join the ftdna happlogroup project:

You branch is rather rare, unless we get better statistics or meet it in some aDNA study hard to tell you the story.