View Full Version : Year end stats for A2M Mag Uidhirs

Mag Uidhir 6
01-04-2020, 03:29 PM
We have grown...boy, have we grown! From 12 original members in Oct 2010 to today's 231!

Airghialla Mag Uidhir Project

231 Members

Big Y 88

Y-DNA111 130
Y-DNA12 212
Y-DNA25 206
Y-DNA37 205
Y-DNA67 183

Mag Uidhir Project

146 Members

Big Y 40

Y-DNA111 62
Y-DNA12 123
Y-DNA25 121
Y-DNA37 122
Y-DNA67 95

(*Note: several Mag Uidhir mbrs are also Airghialla mbrs...some over lap occurs)

Many thanks to those pioneer testers in both the Airghialla Mag Uidhir and the Mag Uidhir Projects!!

The Fear Manach of the Menapii Tribe !

05-18-2020, 07:45 PM
Thanks Brad!

With the vast majority of Maguires confirmed L513, what is happening with the Airgialla 1 and 2 distinction? Back in the day, I understood that the Airgialla 1 guys (DF21 I believe) saw themselves as the original Maguire line. Surely now the A2 group has to be seen as the main one, at least in terms of numbers of successful lines?