View Full Version : My story, weird Y-STR profile, Geno 2.0 results

01-24-2014, 02:34 AM
I am pretty new at this genetic genealogy and started with my paternal line. I obtained Y-STR values from the ancestryDNA Y-46 marker test and only matched a few people. I decided to try out the Cullen haplogroup predictor and the predictor showed

"Haplogroups and probabilities are as follows:
R1b-S28 =>20% R1b-E.Europe =>16% R1b =>16% R1b-Frisian3 =>8% R1b-Ub =>7% R1b-Leinster =>7% R1b-S26 =>6% R1b-North/South 1 =>6% R1b-Frisian =>3% R1b-S21-Scottish =>3% R1b-IrishIII =>3% R1b-S29-Frisian2 =>3%"

I noticed I have to have one of the most weirdest STR profiles out there and yet the predictor thought mine looked S28+...or Alpine? My YSearch is: DS92H.

Well I finally tested with the Genographic project and it turns out that I am U106>Z381 positive (R-Z381 terminal). There has to be more SNP further down than that. What would any of you recommend me test for again?

Any advice? Thanks!