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02-14-2020, 10:34 AM
Hello all!

My father was nubian/egypt/saudi my mum is austrian.

I have some questions about the results:

1.) My fathers father was from El Qusir, his grandfather was from Kassala/sudan. His mother egyptian/saudi arabian. But why it shows Maasai and Somali?
I asked my cousin in egyot, she told me we have some somali relatives, which we never saw personally, and not very close related.
The only thing the family knows about the heritage is Sudan and Saudi arabia.

2.) I just wonder why so less of percentage of every ethnicity ive got.

3.) Why does it say: 10.8% Sephardic Jewish - North African AND 10.5% North African. Why is the dash between jewish and north african, and then again separate north african.

Full result:
Maasai 13.8% Somali 10.8% Sephardic Jewish - North African 10.5% North African 9.6% West African 3.3% English 12.2% Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 7.3% East Europe 11.7% Italian 4.8% Middle Eastern 8.3% South Asian 5.2% Japanese and Korean 1.6% Melanesian 0.9%

My heritage page:

Maybe there is someone who can help me finding out my exact haplogroup.

Id appreciate some information,

It would be interesting what ethnicity you would give my father by the look