View Full Version : Dante Labs WGS (30x) $299

03-21-2020, 10:53 PM

08-30-2020, 06:17 PM
Dante have been running a 50% off sale which expires tomorrow. Can't comment personally on delivery timescales as I haven't done a regular WGS at their Italian lab, from what I gather elsewhere there have been some delays which they are blaming on COVID issues.

"Best Summer Offer: 50% off Whole Genome Sequencing Tests. Use the code DAZZLE4RARE. The offer ends on August 31"


08-30-2020, 07:42 PM
Same price as Nebula, which is fixed at 299USD.

08-30-2020, 09:06 PM
Same price as Nebula, which is fixed at 299USD.

Nebula requires a subscription on top of that, least bad option you have to subscribe for one month then cancel. There are also lab differences - Italy for Dante v Hong Kong for Nebula. Basically Nebula will give you what early bird purchasers got before Dante built their own lab.