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04-10-2020, 11:12 PM
The Salars are an Oghuz (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oghuz_languages)-speaking Muslim Turkic minority of China. They are thought to be descended (at least partly) from a group of the Salur tribe (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salur_(tribe)) who migrated from Transoxiana to China according to Salar tradition. They live mostly in the Qinghai-Gansu border region.

Salar Y-DNA (n=35)

They are represented on Global25 and appear heavily mixed with Sino-Tibetans, although the quickly made models below are far from being perfect.

I tried modeling them with different combination of populations.

Medieval Turkic (KAZ_Karluk, KAZ_Karakhanid, KAZ_Kimak) + Han_Shanxi (geographically the closest Han population to Salars on G25's list)

Target: Salar
Distance: 1.7032% / 0.01703195
71.0 Han_Shanxi
29.0 KAZ_Karluk

Target: Salar
Distance: 2.1837% / 0.02183697
69.6 Han_Shanxi
30.4 KAZ_Karakhanid

Target: Salar
Distance: 2.6367% / 0.02636670
73.8 Han_Shanxi
26.2 KAZ_Kimak

Medieval Turkic (KAZ_Karluk, KAZ_Karakhanid, KAZ_Kimak) + Han_Shanxi + Tibetan_Gangcha

Target: Salar
Distance: 1.6762% / 0.01676247
65.8 Han_Shanxi
28.0 KAZ_Karluk
6.2 Tibetan_Gangcha

Target: Salar
Distance: 2.1598% / 0.02159786
64.2 Han_Shanxi
29.2 KAZ_Karakhanid
6.6 Tibetan_Gangcha

Target: Salar
Distance: 2.5324% / 0.02532407
61.0 Han_Shanxi
23.8 KAZ_Kimak
15.2 Tibetan_Gangcha

They are closest to Dongxiang and Bonan (Muslim Mongolic minorities) and Dungan (Muslim Sinitic people of Hui origin), which indicates a practice of intermarriage between these Turkic, Mongolic and Sinitic Muslims.

04-11-2020, 07:51 PM
Wow, wasn't expecting Yugur to be modeled as ~85% "Guangdong Han" and ~10% "Nganassan". Really goes to show how genetically distant the Russian Far North is from Continental East Asia.

04-13-2020, 10:10 AM
Salar Y-DNA (n=35)


04-25-2020, 07:26 PM
Does "BMAC" means Iran_N ? or it is mixture of other lineages?

05-07-2020, 03:58 AM
Does "BMAC" means Iran_N ? or it is mixture of other lineages?

It's rather a mixture.