View Full Version : Isles D3/D99 I2a-S7708

04-17-2020, 02:11 AM
I am co-administrator to a distant cousin's Y37 Family Tree Kit. He is I2a P-37, specifically Isles D3/D99 Branch I2a2b, I-S7708. Originally P-37 with additional SNP testing positive for Y 3723 and S7708. Have paper trail VA-TN-IN-MO starting in 1775 VA. Some 3 and 4 step matches with same last name of Morrison in VA. This would indicate +-12 generations to 90%match. Common ancestor Scotland, other 3 -4 step matches are Kieth, Bruce and other Scottish names. Does anyone know the most likely areas of Scotland/Ireland that would fit this haplogroup/type