View Full Version : First pre_L621 in aDNA?

05-31-2020, 06:36 PM
I have just checked the PEN003 sample from this study:
He was from Early Neolithic France (Alpes-Maritimes region).

He is definitely M423 - has 23 calls for M423 equivalents and all derived.
He also has 13 calls for L621 equivalents.
Out of them 12 ancestral and 1 derived.
The derived one is CTS7213 and it has 3 reads, all of them derived. It is an A->G mutation.
Ok, it could happen, of course, that all the 3 reads are because of error of some kind. But, I guess, it could also happen that he was from some sort of early pre-L621 line.

I guess, anyway there would be some debates about this sample, so let's better keep them in a special topic.
What do you think about this?