View Full Version : Geographic dispersion and total population?

06-30-2020, 02:15 PM
My intuition has me concluding that J2 is substantially more geographically widespread than J1 and possibly exceeds its total population by a large amount. J2 seems to be better represented in both Europe and Asia for example.

What is causing this?

Did J2 men luck out with historical conditions like climate that enabled them to grow more rapidly? Especially given that its associated with the spread of agriculture.

06-30-2020, 04:36 PM
In the LGM J1 was in the North and J2 in the South. After the Last Glacial Maximum 20000 BCE J1 barely survived in the Southern Caspian Sea as a single branch and J2 branches were in the South, SW and SE Iranian Plateau and moving to Europe and India afterwards. J1 was originally an Eastern Caucasian and Caspian Iranian J branch still living there in very competitive core regions and only in the Chalcolithic/ Bronze Age a single recent J1 branch downstream of P58 invaded the Semi-Arid regions of the Arabian Plate with new technologies forming the modern Levant, Arabia and became hegemonic there.