View Full Version : Warning: Avoid Sociopolitical Commentary (Lower Threshold for Infractions) (7/2/20)

07-02-2020, 05:42 AM
Dear Regulars,

Over the past few months, our administration has had to process an unprecedented volume of complaints and reports regarding sociopolitical commentary on Anthrogenica. Some of these posts have contained overt references to real-world sociopolitical happenings, whereas others contain refutations of other members' posts with a cryptic insinuation as to the respondent's own sociopolitical perspectives.

Unfortunately, the majority of these reports have proven to be substantial and have warranted some form of mediation from our team, which has resulted in an unjustifiable increase to our workload. Further, the majority of those sociopolitical tangents had no immediate bearing whatsoever on the topic that was being discussed. Instead, many of these instances appeared to be an unusual form of psychosocial 'bloodletting' in an otherwise inappropriate context.

Anthrogenica is a public anthropology and genetics discussion forum. Our rules concerning political discourse remains as follows:

3.21 Political and religious discussion is only permitted in The Atrium, a forum section voluntarily selected for by subscription class members with at least 100 posts. Such discussions are strictly prohibited everywhere else in Anthrogenica and this includes placing material in signatures which Administration deems to be political. Members are advised to limit the scope of organic tangents arising from discussions. Failure by participants to limit said tangents will be construed by the administration as a breach to section 3.10 and/or 3.12 above.

Due to these recent events and following a hefty amount of deliberation within our team, please be informed that we will now be adopting an exceptionally low threshold for infraction delivery against any and all members who either instigate or exacerbate these sociopolitical tangents.

If you are responding to what you perceive to be sociopolitical OT, you are likely correct - In which case, we expect you to report these to us promptly without succumbing to the compulsion of responding, which we will consider as evidence of your being an accomplice to said OT.

Our administration will continue to keep Anthrogenica as sane, stable and productive a place as is possible in these unusual times. We ask our (predominantly sensible) userbase to assist us in keeping the platform a sanctuary for rational discourse by refraining from the sort of behavior we've seen increasingly more of by reporting any future instances of said content to us.

Thanks for your cooperation,

AG team