View Full Version : H5 common ancestor success!

C J Wyatt III
07-08-2020, 04:36 AM
I am copying a post that I made on the H5 Project activity feed:

"I have some success in finding a common ancestor to report. My deceased mother is a H5. I am now showing her last known matrilineal ancestor as "Barbara Wissler b.abt.1720 m. John Martin Amwey". John Martin arrived Philadelphia on the galley Saint Andrew in September 1737 sailing from Rotterdam, I believe. Barbara Wissler was not on the ship's passenger list. In a matter of 14 months he married her and was living in Lancaster, PA with a child. Her kit has been grouped with another kit in the H5 project as follows: "z[0] -H5*, markers T961C, C10864T, predictive new sub branch".

The other kit shows the last know ancestor as being an Esther Anne Willard, b. 1841. I have managed to extend that line by a couple of generations, getting it to within a generation of another one of Barbara Wissler's Amwey daughters. I feel very confident that Barbara Wissler is the common ancestor.

If anyone is at a brickwall with H5 in North America, and thinks that you may have a connection to this group, I would like to hear from you."