View Full Version : Photo Uploads Bug (8/4/20)

08-04-2020, 01:39 PM
Dear Community,

We've been made aware of a minor bug which pertains to the upload and posting of images on AG.

Those of you attempting to upload an image by selecting the "Insert image" button on your panel when posting and selecting the "From URL" option will notice an "Error: Invalid URL" message.

We've spent the past few hours reviewing the bug and it's a known issue in certain versions of vBulletin.

There are two straightforward workarounds:
1. When attempting to upload a photo via Insert image > From URL, please de-select the "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" option.
2. Enter your image's URL in the text box you usually use to generate a post and wrap it in the "IMG" BB code ( and )

Image uploads to the site from your device function normally, so saving the files to a desktop folder for future reference is another option.
Alternatively, you may post images as attachments (see "Additional Options" beneath the text box when composing a post).

We'll aim to rectify this bug over the coming weeks.

Thanks for your attention,