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08-15-2020, 01:36 PM
It's well know that Davidski is favoring the thesis that Bell Beaker in N(W) Europe are Single Grave Culture derived.

He states for example:

I've been studying in detail the genetic substructures within the Bell Beaker population with formal statistics and Principal Component Analyses (PCA). As far as I can see, among the two most homogeneous, and thus least likely to be recently admixed, Beaker groups are the Dutch Beakers and also the Dutch and British Beaker males belonging to Y-haplogroup R1b-P312. This, of course, makes good sense, because both the Dutch and British Beakers are so called Rhenish Beakers.

The results are also in line with the observation that the Dutch Beakers are the quintessential Beakers in terms of physique, with three quarters or more sporting exceedingly brachycephalic, planoccipital skulls (like this).

Moreover, these two Beaker groups are among the most Yamnaya-like Beakers, with almost as much Yamnaya-related ancestry as the Corded Ware culture samples from Germany (~60% vs ~70%). As a result, in my PCA of ancient West Eurasian genetic variation the Dutch Beakers form a more or less continuous, west to east cline with these and other Corded Ware individuals that runs all the way to the Yamnaya cluster.

Is there also some evidence of this transformation from Single Grave to Bell Beakers that could underline this? Yes there is. And it can be derived form the physical anthroplogist Kurt Gerhardt. He spend almost his life time to study the physique of the Bell Beakers.

In 1974 he made a contribution to het Bell Beaker symposium at Oberried and this is published in 1976 (https://books.google.nl/books/about/Glockenbecher_Symposion_Oberried_1974.html?id=CgCI QwAACAAJ&redir_esc=y).

In this symposium he states some interesting things that underlines the thesis of Davidski. Without the auDNA knowledge of Davidski of course Gerhardt classifies the dominant phenotype of Single Grave (CW Germany) as 'Robust-Dolichomorphen Aurignaciden', with especially a lepthorine kind of face.

Then he mentions that he could find 7 kind of different phenotypes prevalent along the Bell Beakers. Along the Bell Beakers there were some transformations that were quite specific for them. Gerhardt mentions especially two of them. First the brachycephalic development of the 'cro-magnoid' (here we see what Coon coined as Borreby).

But most of all the further development of the just mention robust-dolio along the Single Grave. Here we see two developments: the face was enhanced (hypsimorphie) and also became brachycephalic and was especially marked by a flat occiput. This is the BB steephead, according to Gerhardt, the most significant 'marker' along the Bell Beakers.

So the substrate of the steephead is the skull of the Yamna related Single Grave!

This is the picture of the development (sorry for the rotation):

Gerhardt also mentions that along the Bell Beakers in SW-Europe the steephead is not prevalent, we now know that it's most likely because of less steppe amount....

08-15-2020, 05:07 PM
To exemplify it all.

This is a Dutch Beaker (Molenaaarsgraf)


And the obvious 'prelude' a Yamna woman (Shupta)