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08-18-2020, 11:12 PM
I've always thought my ancestors hail primarily from Austria, UK, and Southern Europe. Had my DNA sample assessed through 23andme which pretty much confirmed this to be true. The analysis also reflected that my mitochondrial haplogroup is U5a1 with R1b as the Y-haplogroup.

For further analysis I ran the raw data through GEDmatch & DNA.LAND which gave very similar results aside from attributing a slightly larger portion of total ancestry to North Africa (but still attributing the vast majority to Northern Europe. After learning about Promethease, I decide to run my data through them just for further info regarding potential health issues (not a whole lot of major issues thankfully).

With that being said, I checked my haplogroups per the instructions on SNPedia and to my surprise the results reflected the same maternal haplogroup as 23andme for mtDNA (U5a1) but a completely different Y-haplogroup of E2b (vs a subclade of R1b reported by 23andme) due to the presence of the SNP rs2032646 (G;G). It's my understanding* that this haplogroup is somewhat prevalent within African populations but very uncommon or next to non-existent in Europeans.

My questions are which test likely provided the more accurate analysis and is it even possible for a European to descend from such a paternal line? Here's a link to a reddit post I made about this if you'd like to see images for reference https://www.reddit.com/r/promethease/comments/ibv5q8/question_regarding_paternal_haplogroups/

08-18-2020, 11:51 PM
rs2032646 (M90) may just be a private SNP that you possess (if not a false positive) which occurred in your paternal line independently of the M90 SNP occuring within E2b. I happen to be positive for the M127 mutation, which is currently only seen in men who come under A-M13. Again, this SNP appears to have made it's way into my paternal line completely separately to the SNP making it's way into the paternal lines of men who come under A-M13.

So I wouldn't say one SNP even comes close enough to invalidate your R1b-S14328 result. Remember that there are other SNPs under R1b that are ancestral to S14328 and your raw data would show all of these as well.

08-19-2020, 04:17 AM
If 23 and me gave you R1b, I think its safe to say you are R1b. Not saying it doesnt or cannot happen, but its doubtful they would make an error