View Full Version : Any info on U5b1b1-T16192C?

08-21-2020, 12:01 AM
Hello all. I finally recieved my FTDNA Mtdna results and it came back as U5b1b1-T16192C. I spent some time searching about this specific haplogroup and subclade but I could not find much information on it. Does anyone know anything about it, or know where I could find info on it? If it helps any, my great grandmother came from the carpathian mountains in Ukraine and identified as "Ruthenian". Thank you, Thomas

J1 DYS388=13
08-21-2020, 08:23 AM
I can't see the results of the FTDNA Rusyn Project because I'm not a member. I do see one match to you at https://www.familytreedna.com/public/ukraine?iframe=mtresults. I see three more at https://www.familytreedna.com/public/ScandinaviamtDNA?iframe=mtresults. An academic paper has a Late Bronze Age example from France. There are two Medieval Danish cases. The leading-edge site YFull calls your branch U5b1b1-b and estimates it to be 6,000 years old. https://www.yfull.com/mtree/U/. That's all I know.

08-21-2020, 08:59 AM
Welcome to the club, it's a ancient European branch that expanded North from the Mediterranean after the last ice age. Associated with the gravettean culture if I remember correctly. The branch has matches from North Africa in the South to Norway in the North, but at a persistent low frequency.

02-18-2021, 08:05 AM
Thank you