View Full Version : H2 Surname Project (US and UK Lines)

Geo Tracker
08-25-2020, 02:45 PM
Currently testing US and UK members of the Boyt/Boyett families originally from Dorset. The US families arrived in the Virginia Colony in the mid to late 1600 in Isle of Wight and Nansemond Counties. This group has been BY37194 with a SNP Tracker estimated age of 83 years.

The UK families who we had thought to be closely related in Dorset based on YDNA37-67 test, may not be exactly closely related. The UK group is BY37188 with an estimated age of 26,000. The test are being conducted during an on-going research project in the Isle of Purbeck for ancient records of the Boyt/e families who were "marblers" living near the coast. History indicates Purbeck marble mining back to Roman and Saxon times and legend in Purbeck indicate the original families were ancient Phoenicians. Family surname records have been located back to the 1300's.

We also noted that all of the UK members have DYS458=18 and almost all of the US members are 17. Don't know how common the 18 value is or if it could define the UK branch. Currently have 56 members tested including 3 Y700. Over time we have had F-M89, H-P96, H-L901 and H-L286. Hopeful for more Y700's as we move forward with the Purbeck records and genealogy research.

Any thoughts on how to bridge this estimated time difference of 26,000 years other than more Y700 testing in the UK. The US and UK groups start to divide at 67 markers and do not match at 111 markers. We have 2 Y700 who are BY37194 in the US and 1 Y700 in the UK at BY37188.