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08-26-2020, 02:41 PM
Hello! In the recent days I received my test results from LivingDNA and for my surprise(since I'm Bulgarian and don't look Celtic at all) my haplogroup is R-P312. I'm pretty new to genetic stuff and have a couple of questions :

Where can I use my Y-DNA and autosomal files? I uploaded the autosomal to GEDmatch and used a couple of calculators. Also tried using Morley's tool but got an error for some reason. Is there a way to use one of these Y haplogroup guess tools with the LivingDNA files?

If you have to guess, what ancient people brought this haplogroup to the Balkans except the Celts? I know that there were some Celtic settlements in Western Bulgaria since the ancient name of our capital(Sofia) was Serdica, named after the Celtic tribe Serdi. I'm curious if that haplogroup was found in the remains of other ancient people who migrated here.

And last question, connected to the haplogroup and my appearance. Is it possible that my ancient ancestor was a pale ginger and his descendants mixed their way to me and my father who look way more East Mediterranean than Western European? I swear, we can pass even in the Middle East :D

Sorry if this is not the right place for such a thread. I tried looking up for answers of these questions in Google, but with no avail. Thanks for stopping by :)

05-11-2021, 04:12 PM

My name is Tamás (Tom), I am from Hungary, originally from Transylvania.
I have recently made a test - one of my friends is an archeogeneticist - and
my result was: R1B-P312. I googled it, that is how i found your post.
So, were are in a way very distant relatives.
I am not blonde either, physical appearance is shaped by the whole genom,
not the Y-chromosome haplogroup.