View Full Version : DF79 (DF27>ZZ12_1>DF79)

08-28-2020, 11:19 AM
I did a test with FTDNA and I tested negative for SNP DF79 but I tested positive for an equivalent SNP Z2547. I am still waiting for my BigY700 results. I know my Y-DNA is of Spanish origin due to my country of origin's history but I also see in the FTDNA tree that many people who tested under this haplogroup are from Portugal and England. So I assume that people under this haplogroup were going around Spain, Portugal and England before the Age of Discovery/Exploration.

I also did an autosomal DNA test with 23andMe and uploaded my raw data to many different autosomal DNA analysis websites like FTDNA, DNA Land, GEDmatch, and MyHeritage. All are consistent that I no longer have any European autosomal DNA and that my Y-DNA is the only thing that is of European of origin. So I assume that the admixture might have happened early on and was a one time thing since autosomal DNA gets filtered out with each generation until the Y-DNA was the only thing that was left.

09-11-2020, 01:42 PM
I finally got my BigY700 results. FTDNA corrected a false negative in my results that I was supposed to be DF79- but I am actually DF79+. They placed me in haplogroup R-Y32290 that is under R-DF79. They also said that I have 38 Private Variants and unfortunately I have no Big Y matches which was of no surprise. I also received my Nebula Genomics results and uploaded it to YFull. They placed me in haplogroup R-Y32284 which is also under R-DF79. In the FTDNA Haplotree, Y32284 is an equivalent SNP with Y32290. My Nebula Genomics results according to YFull statistics say that I have 35 Private Variants and my matches were persons from Portugal.