View Full Version : Which panel should I buy to go further with my Ydna (Z282)?

09-04-2020, 01:02 PM
So I am R1a-Z282 (according to 23andME , Morley and Cladefinder).

Wich panel may I choose?


06-02-2021, 11:54 PM
I'm also interested in this question, and what is known about this group and its descendants so far. I'm thinking of starting a YDNA project for a surname in my family, and one cousin who is very likely a relative on that line with the surname has tested on 23andMe is: R1a>M459>M198>M417>Z645>Z283>Z282>Y2395>Z284>Z287>CTS8401.

What are the more specific lines of that? Is this a decent starting place or is it so generic he really needs to test on FTDNA? (I hope he will initially, but want to save money and work with what I have.)

I'll probably focus on testing people with no tests yet to see if they are also at least R1a, etc., but will encourage him to test more specifically, as well as to join the project.