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10-03-2020, 02:02 PM
I up-loaded my raw data from FTDNA to Living DNA and got free information based on this data. This was on the 3rd June. A day later I came across an advert on their site offrerring up-grades for ancestry and Wellbeing at a discount price of 29 for each respective up-grade. After taking into account the COVID-19 hassles I patiently waited for about 10 weeks for the results. Since then I sent about 6 emails expalining that the kits for taking the samples for testing had not been received. The few replies I received made reference to the information I aquired via the up-load of my raw data. The recent email I received said that they checked mu account, and siad that I have received the full regional breakdown of my ancestry and that prior to the upgrade I would have seen '100% Europe', but my recent ancestry currently shows a detailed breakdown of the UK regions. Well I actually had that information after up-loading the raw data.

BTW they never even bothed to address the issue of my up-grade to the WellBeing data.

I get the distinct impression that Living DNA is either staffed by idiots or rogues

10-03-2020, 10:19 PM
After looking at the different options within the site it looks as if we have had our wires crossed. Yes there are 29 up-dates for both ancestry and wellbeing, but that was not what the impression I had when I made my purchases. I was under the impression that I paid for a more in depth result at a discount price.

Nevertheless I told them that I am willing to compromise the issue by paying an extra 41 towards the Ancestry and Wellbeing kit which is priced at 99. I already have some of the results that this kit provides from the 58 I have already paid.

I therefore hope that Living DNA will agree to this and I appologised to them for all the misunderstanding on my part.