View Full Version : U152-Z56 in Raetia and Vindelica?

10-05-2020, 05:16 PM
I'm interested in the Z56 samples that show up in the area of the former Roman Raetia province in Southern Germany and Switzerland. They seem to be concentrated east of Lake Constance in the areas of the Roman settlements Brigantium and Cambodunum, and up to Augsburg which was the capital of the province. Sort of the area of the current Bavarian Swabia region.

I don't want to neglect the historical division of Raetia at one time into Raetia I and II, where some Roman authors say that the Rhaetian people only occupied the Alps (Raetia Curiensis, with a capital at Chur, Switzerland) and the rest of the province north of the Alps was the domain of the Celtic Vindelici tribe (Raetia Vindelica, capital at Augsburg).

So to my question: how are we to understand the Z56 samples in this area? Is it due to Roman soldiers coming into this area? Did the Rhaetians bring Z56 into this area when being expelled from the Po Valley by Gauls if they were Etruscan and Z56 is associated with Etruscans? (Z56 is most common in Tuscany) I admit this seems unlikely because the Rhaetian people are more identified with those living in the Rhaetian Alps and there doesn't seem to be Z56 there.

And secondly, what sort of Celts were the Vindelici? I have seen it said that their homeland was Manching near Ingolstadt and there are some Z56 samples there in the R-U152 FTDNA project. Were the Vindelici U152? Something else?

To me, at the moment, it seems that the samples line up with the location of the Roman settlements too nicely to not be derived from them, but I would like to hear other people's thoughts about this.