View Full Version : Where is W1-T119c in the yFull MTree?

10-10-2020, 01:04 PM
Hi there, can anyone tell me where W1-T119c sits in the yFull MTree? I canít seem to find it in there. Is this an early branch of W1 that predates the others named W1a etc? My most distant known ancestor in the maternal chain was born in Ireland. Kind regards.

04-11-2021, 06:58 PM
T119C is unstable in many lines under W1. One hypothesis is that most lines of W1 actually was W1-T119C and then position 119 backmutated.

Reasons for this hypothesis:
1. Almost all the earliest ancient W1 samples are W1-T119C.
2. In most of the lines that were supposed to be W1-T119C like W1c and W1h actually about half of the samples have the T119C mutation, the others do not.
3. In some lines like W1a we can prove that T119C was prior since about half of the pre-W1a have the T119C mutation, while none of the W1a samples do.