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10-27-2020, 12:44 PM
Eurogenes K13

1 North_Atlantic 47.59
2 Baltic 25.4
3 West_Med 16.96
4 West_Asian 5.58
5 Siberian 2.21
6 Amerindian 0.78
7 South_Asian 0.71
8 East_Med 0.49
9 Oceanian 0.28
10 Sub-Saharan 0.01

Eurogenes K36

Basque 1.85 Pct
Central_Euro 14.15 Pct
East_Central_Euro 5.04 Pct
Eastern_Euro 10.52 Pct
Fennoscandian 5.11 Pct
French 7.32 Pct
Iberian 7.12 Pct
Italian 6.83 Pct
North_Atlantic 12.30 Pct
North_Caucasian 1.14 Pct
North_Sea 22.12 Pct
Volga-Ural 3.00 Pct
West_Med 3.49 Pct

MDLP World-22

West-Asian 5.00 Pct
North-European-Mesolithic 2.21 Pct
Mesoamerican 0.29 Pct
North-Siberean 1.19 Pct
Atlantic_Mediterranean_Neolithic 34.18 Pct
Samoedic 2.55 Pct
Indo-Iranian 1.14 Pct
East-Siberean 0.37 Pct
North-East-European 50.75 Pct
North-Amerind 0.37 Pct
East-South-Asian 0.29 Pct
Near_East 1.66 Pct

I’m stuck trying to understand my Eurogenes and MDLP results. High West Med was expected, but I’m particularly confused about the Volga-Ural and Siberian results as I haven’t seen may British people with 2% or more.

My known background is about 97% British and Irish (~30% Irish, mostly from County Mayo, and ~67% English, mostly from London, Essex and Liverpool). The other 3% is likely Portuguese: 23andme identified me as 2.3% Spanish and Portuguese, 0.2% Broadly South European and 0.2% Unassigned. There was a rumour about Portugal specifically.

I get matches from all over Europe. These are all quite distant, but the strongest distant matches are from Sweden, Finland and Russia, with a few in Eastern Europe (e.g Belarus) as well. They’re around the 3-6th cousin level on 23andme, MyHeritage and GEDmatch.

But does it mean anything? Is it even real? How does it relate to the history of the places my ancestors were from? Don’t get me wrong it’s really interesting, but also very confusing! I kind of expected Eurogenes to give me English + Spain or Portugal!

11-03-2020, 09:47 AM
You may be able to ignore the Swedish, Finnish (and probably Russian) matches. My paper inheritance is nearly all English with a bit of Irish (see below) but myheritage tells me I am 30% Scandinavian. I have started plotting my Scandinavian matches on DNA painter, (just for fun) and so far most are on the same chromosome. So either 1) extensive Viking signature in Cheshire and south Lancashire or 2) NPE through Liverpool or 3) a pile-up region.

The other companies say only about 2% Scandinavian so my money is on the underlying Viking signature which could also be called a pile-up region (?).
So for your paper trail if that is your interest, the Portuguese bit looks the most interesting. DNApainter might help you figure it out.

07-18-2021, 09:08 PM
Did you try putting the results into the oracle, or mapping them with the k15/k36 similarity tools? The percentages you see there mean little aside from being points of reference to compare population averages. You could be 100% from britain for the last 4000 years, it doesn't matter you'll still get about 50% north atlantic. That's because these perctages just act as genetic coordinates for mapping genetic distance and comparing populations.