View Full Version : DNA Information for London and Essex Estuary

10-29-2020, 12:29 PM
So my family history is not fully British as my grandad was from County Mayo and another 3rd great grandmother may have been Portuguese.

I tested with AncestryDNA and 23andme and got more or less British, plus some Spanish and Portuguese on 23andme (nothing else apart from some broadly Southern European). This is fairly inline with what I expected.

But other testing companies have given me odd results e.g. FTDNA: 7% Slavic, 5% Greek, 3% Finnish.

Also my GEDmatch results were super unexpected (I had to look up what Samoedic even was):

MDLP World-22

West-Asian 5.00 Pct
North-European-Mesolithic 2.21 Pct
Mesoamerican 0.29 Pct
North-Siberean 1.19 Pct
Atlantic_Mediterranean_Neolithic 34.18 Pct
Samoedic 2.55 Pct
Indo-Iranian 1.14 Pct
East-Siberean 0.37 Pct
North-East-European 50.75 Pct
North-Amerind 0.37 Pct
East-South-Asian 0.29 Pct
Near_East 1.66 Pct

Eurogenes K13

1 North_Atlantic 47.59
2 Baltic 25.4
3 West_Med 16.96
4 West_Asian 5.58
5 Siberian 2.21
6 Amerindian 0.78
7 South_Asian 0.71
8 East_Med 0.49
9 Oceanian 0.28
10 Sub-Saharan 0.01

Given that I seem to be over 97% British and Irish with other testing companies, is this just a feature of the DNA of some British people e.g. those from London and Essex? What does DNA from the Thames Estuary normally look like in GEDmatch?