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11-02-2020, 03:30 AM
I've had some recent success with triangulating Spanish matches, which you can see here (https://anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?21979-Query-regarding-Basque-and-British-Ashkenazi-grandfather) if you're interested. For the last 6 years I've seen Finnish matches around the place for various family members, but haven't really looked into it to date. I thought I'd see if I can triangulate and work out what is happening with these matches. As opposed to the Spanish matches, I actually match some of these Finn's, so I based the match searches around myself.

To begin with, I, and none of my family members, have ever scored Finnish on any commercial test. Scandinavian is the norm for us (as expected for those with British ancestry). As this particular exercise is related to my maternal line, I'll focus on stats for this line (even though there's a few interesting Scandinavian things on other branches). I'm going to use MyHeritage for this, as it provides more useful info than FTDNA. I've chosen my maternal line for two reasons:

1. Her only known ancestry is English, Irish and minor Polynesian, and therefore rules out potential confounding ancestries.
2. Her Hodgson line has been a part of previous Y-DNA studies that have surmised that it likely has Norse origins. This may be reflected in the number of Norwegian matches she has.


Sweden - 71 matches
Norway - 101 matches
Denmark - 36 matches
Finland - 31 matches


Sweden - 77 matches
Norway - 45 matches
Denmark - 56 matches
Finland - 39 matches

Myself: (Some of the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish matches have Balkan ancestry).

Sweden - 130 matches
Norway - 82 matches
Denmark - 53 matches
Finland - 45 matches

So far I've found 34 matches on GEDMatch that all triangulate along a segment on chromosome 10 (between 27,851,166 and 33,865,825). This is mostly a North Atlantic/Baltic segment.


My grandmother matches all of them, followed by me and then my mother. Many of these matches are 95%-100% Finnish. Most of these matches range from 7-8cM, which is to be expected. On MyHeritage some of them also match a 1st cousin once removed.


I'm not overly brushed up on Finnish ancestry and genetics, however I focused on Finnish matches due to being homogeneous and therefore easier to find. Do these matches indicate very old Finnish ancestry? I'm not sure, perhaps someone here with greater knowledge of the history of the region can help. Regardless, however, I thought I'd share for those that have similar questions.