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02-20-2014, 08:51 AM
I compared myself with the French average, and I made ​​maps for each calculator, which I had the programe "Oracle".

Green: I have more compared to the French average, red I have less.
What emerges is that I am more " central Europe " , including "German" than the French average , which is surprising because all my ancestors
come from the East of Britanny .

Here is my method, but you are not obliged to make maps...

1 ) Return results in oracle of yours choice :
DodecadOracleV1.RData - > v3 Dodecad
DodecadOracleOracleK12a.Rdata - > k12a
DodecadOraclek12b.RData -> K12B
MDLPOracle2.Rdata - > MDLP27

Choose k = 50 (50 populations )


2) Choose a population to which you want to compare :
example : DodecadOracle ("French",k=50)

3) Convert the genetic distances obtained by "pixels"
In a spreadsheet , divide 100 by the number found in Oracle, then multiply it by an appropriate coefficient (I used 7).

4) Make circles on a map of Europe .
Example, I found German_D: 40 for French , and 57: for me

With Paint of windows , I made ​​a round gray for the smallest number, size 40 pixels side and a circle for the largest 57.
I color difference in green, because I am upper to the French average


06-21-2015, 09:48 PM
Is this still works?