View Full Version : Y-DNA data from Myanmar

02-24-2014, 11:50 AM
The following study by MS Peng et al let us have a peek into Myanmarese ydna


Bamar people is the main ethnic group which makes uo two thirds of total population . They show some variety in their ydna and have some non-trivial south asian input as well as some intresting ones like D and NO .

C3-M217 1
D-M174 3
F*-P14 3
H1a-M82 1
J2a2-L27 3
J2b2-M241 1
L1c-M357 1
NO*-rs9341279 1
O1a1-P203.1 2
O1a2-M110 1
O2a*-PK4 1
O2a1*-M95 10
O2a1a-M88 2
O3a2c-8Y2897 21
Q1a3-L56 3
R1a1a1-Page7 3
R1b1a2a-L23 1
R2a-M124 1
Total 59

Rakhine/Arakanese is also similar to bamar On the other hand other groups chin and naga are almost exclusively of haplogroup O .All the 15 naga samplese belong O3a2c-8Y2897 .