View Full Version : Review of L21>DF41>BY114 (both sons, L563 & BY23739) - with YSNP prediction models

12-04-2020, 09:50 PM
L563 was a small haplogroup included in my L21 YSNP predictor tool (V1). I am in the process of migrating the L21 Prediction tool to V2 models which are much more accurate.

At first it appeared that I should move up one level to BY114 but ended up with two prediction models for L563 and BY23739 which are 100 % accurate across 58,000 Y67 testers under haplogroup R. However, since these are very small predictable haplogroups, the sample size is just too small for reasonably accurate charting with SAPP. So only the EXCEL spreadsheets are shown (which include an AcaStat worksheet and the prediction model in column DT). I also included a very brief summary of process of determining which haplogroup to predict: