View Full Version : Ethnicity Filter Faulty?

12-08-2020, 07:34 PM
When I use the filter ethnicity function on the DNA matches it isn't coming up with matches that I know have that ethnicity in their results, for example, if I filter for South Asian some of my mum's closest matches who are Mauritian/Reunionnaise/Seychellois should appear as they all have South Asian in their results yet most of them are not showing up when I use the filter. The filter only brings up 8 people yet going through her matches manually just one of her matches plus the 15 shared matches all have South Asian so it is missing a lot of people. The reason I wanted to use the filter is so it picks up some of the people who don't have a tree or limited tree information that may match on my mother's Mauritian Creole side, to separate them from her maternal English matches. Anyone else have problems with the ethnicity filter?

12-08-2020, 09:12 PM
Ok their ancestral name search function is just as bad - searching a name I know is included in many matches ancestral surnames lists, results 3. I can think of at least 20 with that name in their ancestral surnames list just off the top of my head :frusty:

12-12-2020, 09:44 PM
Their ethnicity prediction & filter is wrong as well. It tells me I am 30% Scandinavian yet I am nearly 100% English. Playing with their ethnicity of Scandinavian in my matches and with location Sweden gives me many matches up to 30cM in length.
I took the match into dnapainter for my first 20matches and it all started to make sense. The matches were all in a pileup zone and were labelled as”of poor confidence”. So their algorithm for ethnicity builds on “poor confidence” data. Not very good at all.