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12-08-2020, 11:05 PM
Hello all, I was researching this down stream clade of U152 and here is what I see.


Why can't I find these on the phylogenetic tree of RU152? I looked under L2 and I still did not see it.

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12-09-2020, 12:58 PM
First, I always use the haplotree that is only available when you log into your account. You click on the YDNA "Badge" in the bottom left corner - be patient as it takes time to load. Once this screen loads, you need to search for the YSNP name only (do not include the "R" or "R-" in this field - this is the "Go to Branch Name" in the top right corner). Here is what is shows for each search:

U152 - 1,419 branches
BY3549 - 11 brances
A520 - 9 branches
Y22797 - 5 branches
BY73318 - terminal branch

12-10-2020, 12:10 PM
Thank you for your response. I have not received my results yet but I have a match at 111 markers with a genetic distance of 3 and I was told it was safe to assume that his terminal haplogroup of BY73318 will also be mine.

If I am looking at Maciamo Hays most recent phylogenetic tree of RU152, do I look under A517? What I am really trying to do is find out if BY73318 belongs to more of a Gaulic, Celtic, or Roman background. Any more information would be appreciated!

12-10-2020, 12:53 PM
You may already know about this, and, if so, I apologize, but a really helpful site for finding info about Y-DNA SNPs is GeneticHomeland.com (https://www.genetichomeland.com/).

Just click on "DNA Marker Index" on the right. On the next page, type or paste the name or numerical position of the SNP in the "Marker Name or Numerical Position" box, then click on the green Search button.

Click on "View Pedigree" in the Notes box to see the SNP's phylogeny.

02-18-2021, 07:59 AM
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