View Full Version : Help understanding H-T152c!

12-18-2020, 12:43 AM
I have some confusion around my father’s mtDNA haplogroup. I just received his full mitochondrial sequence.

At ftdna they label him as H-T152c!. I’m having trouble understanding where it is on the tree. The only information I can find looks like it is for another branch of H (H3-T152c!).

I haven’t seen anyone else (except my matches) who are labeled as just H. I’m also having trouble finding any tree that shows H without a subclade number following it.

I feel like I’m missing something.

Can anybody tell me what subclade he belongs to or how I figure that out?

I’m assuming that T152c! Is the subclade?

12-21-2020, 07:35 PM
Marker is 152 is one of the most variable markers in the hypervariable region of mtDNA. Unfortunately Mannis used it in the Phylotree (https://www.phylotree.org/tree/R0.htm), so FTDNA also uses it. But 152 is really not very useful and I would ignore it. There are many people in haplogroup H who have extra mutations but are not yet grouped into a new subclade of H in the Phylotree (last updated in 2016). There are also some people who are simply H with no extra mutations. If you check your list of extra mutations, that will tell you if you have extra mutations that might define a new subclade of H.

However, you should also ignore those that Mannis excluded: "The mutations 309.1C(C), 315.1C, AC indels at 515-522, A16182c, A16183c, 16193.1C(C) and C16519T/T16519C were not considered for phylogenetic reconstruction and are therefore excluded from the tree." I would also ignore 146, 152, 195, 16189, 16311 and possibly some other markers that seem especially variable in certain haplogroups, e.g., 16093, 16192. Coding region mutations are usually the most useful for defining new subclades.