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12-19-2020, 09:28 AM
This might be a miss-call on my part but multiple calculators have put this as my likeliest mtdna haplogroup. It's quite an interesting one as the only reported aDNA case is found in this study on Medieval Romanian mitogenomes: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-37760-8

The polymorphism distinguished in the complete mtDNA sequence of Cap-C58-3 can be classified as J1c15, a derivative sub-branch of the most prevalent form (J1c) of J macro-haplogroup in present-day Europe. This specific haplotype variant is rare in modern mtDNA data and seems to be connected mainly to the Near East, more sparsely to Europe and, to our knowledge, is absent from the published ancient datasets. The detected J1c15 haplotype is most similar to a sample observed in the gene pool of Tatars inhabiting the territory of the middle Volga River29 (Fig. 3).

I'd wager that this haplogroup simply is so sparse that any regional affinity might be due to random chance, but I suppose it could be telling of some stream of ancestry from these groups. My J1c15b seems to be exclusively near-eastern.

12-19-2020, 11:08 PM
These instances of J1c15b are far from Finland and a long way from Tipperary, where my J1c2b maternal line originates.41840

01-05-2021, 08:39 PM
It seems this was a miscall on my part.

Your mitochondrial haplogroup is J1c7a according to PhyloTree Build 17 (2016-02-18).

The differences to the rCRS are:
73G 146C 185A 228A 263G 295T 315.1C 462T 489C 750G 1438G 2706G 3010A 4216C 4769G 6464A 6554T 7028T 8860G 10398G 11251G 11719A 12127A 12612G 13681G 13708A 14766T 14798C 15326G 15452A 16069T 16261T
But I still find J1c15 an interesting haplogroup.