View Full Version : R1b-L151>FT425420

01-13-2021, 09:08 PM
Quote from FTDNA (Goran) this morning, "Michael Sager just analyzed a new R1b Big Y result that was found to be R-L151*, negative for R-P312, R-U106, R-S1194 and R-A8053.

That means that there is a fifth lineage descending from R-L151, sibling to the other four high profile R1b clades.

The gentleman is American and unfortunately hasn't provided any further details about his paternal origins."

So the Father of the Monster subclade of Europe, R-L151, has a new son. R-FT425420 is the newest and littlest brother of Monster R-P312, Big R-U106, Middle Brother R-S1194, Little Brother R-A8053.