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01-25-2021, 11:00 AM
I am 97.5% Ashkenazi Jewish (2.5% Finnish) according to MyHeritage. I ran the Tolan K71 test on admixture studio, and got a total of about 16% for some Iberian populations. These were my top results. I've bolded the Iberian populations:

65-Levant 24.02%
12-Sicily_Italia 20.38%
20-Crete_Greece 15.73%
49-Spain 5.83%
48-Baleares 4.99%
50-Portugal 3.37%
18-Thrace_Greece 2.65%
47-Basque 2.03%

Is this a reliable piece of evidence to suggest that I might have Sephardi Jewish ancestry? It has always been a family legend of ours that we are a bit Sephardi, perhaps these results suggest that it is true? I am sceptical about the reliability, as I got nothing Sephardi on MyHeritage. Perhaps, my ancestors were in the Iberian Peninsula at some point, but that doesn't necessarily make me Sephardi. Ie, they were already in Germany or somewhere else before the inquisition, so I don't have the typical Sephardi gene. Sorry if that doesn't make sense.

Thank you.

01-25-2021, 03:00 PM
This is what I get (only posting 2%+):

Levant 30.64%
West Brittany 14.60%
Crete_Greece 11.16%
Iran&Assyria 8.99%
Sicily_Italia 4.99%
Thrace_Greece 3.04%
Peloponnes_Greece 2.97%
Spain 2.95%
Armorica 2.91%
Tuscany_Italia 2.24%

01-25-2021, 08:10 PM
Are you Ashkenazi?