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03-07-2014, 06:37 PM
Hi All,

Thinking about testing for Chromo 2, and wondered what these overall results might tell us about L513 and subclades. As I understand it so far (I may be off mark here!), there are two main scenarios:

1. L513 has been present all over the isles (and elsewhere), and the various subclades (193, 69.5 etc) developed independently of each other in various locations; OR

2. Some of the subclades, if not all, are directly related chronologically, i.e. L193 developed first, which led to L69.5 in time...or vice versa...(that's just an example)...As I understand it, some of the groups are more closely related than others (e.g. A1 and A2); but how and when did one lead to the other??

Am I right in this? And if so, could/should chromo2 allow us to ascertain which of these possibilities are most likely?


Mag Uidhir 6
03-08-2014, 01:03 AM

I think Chromo2 is yet another tool in our collective tool bag.

In combination with standing haplotype data and augmented with upcoming BigY and FGC data, I think we will see subclade separation in family trees as never before. However, between NOW and THEN....there is an amazing amount of data correlation awaiting.

With all tools, a workshop is always better with LOTS of company!!