View Full Version : R1b "tip of the iceberg"

02-17-2021, 05:43 PM
The R1b Descendants Tree is the tip of the iceberg view of our lineages. Here is an update. There are 15,642 branches, consisting of 113,577 variants on the full R1b haplotree as of Feb. 15th.


75,523 branches have three SNPs or less in their phylogenetic blocks. That is about two thirds of the branching and indicates the tree is becoming very high resolution.

You can view the tip of the iceberg or overview descendants chart on the R1b project About/Results web page. I always keep a current copy there.


The view that pops up is a .PNG file. The best resolution is on the .PDF version which you can download. The link to the .PDF is right underneath the graphic display.

I've added in the most ancient DNA RC dating at several levels. Some of this is controversial but I tried to put in the best information I know of using consistent methods and criteria. I am a believer in open sharing of information unless one's privacy is violated.

We need to also be careful to understand low coverage ancient DNA results related to long phylogenetic equivalent blocks. The MRCA of modern people can be estimated by modern peoples' DNA. However, a couple of SNPs from a long block in ancient DNA does NOT mean that the MRCA for the ancient DNA's assumed subclade was born yet. The ancient DNA cousin could be a dead-end cousin but could perhaps even break the block. With the 96 SNPs in the R-M269 block this is especially problematic.