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Banno The Great
02-22-2021, 09:46 PM
I have been having a personal project looking for some family members on my family tree and had recently taken an autosomal test from myLivingDNA to find out that I had both E-M84 and L2a1f. My family has a oral legend of us being Sepharadim from Portugal and Malta and had settled in the Carribbean in the early 1500s, should these results be typical for a Sephardi? I am aware E-M84 appears in the Middle East, but I have heard it is more associated with Yemen and Sub-Saharan Africa. Was my family mistaken or am I jumping too quickly to conclusions?

This is my first time posting, so I would like to hear some criticism and am open to give more information.

02-22-2021, 10:21 PM
Welcome to AG!

As you expected, we'll need to more information haha. Firstly, what exactly is your actual ancestry? Just mixed Caribbean? Do you mind sharing your LivingDNA results? I'd also recommend uploading to GEDmatch, from there we can see if there are any good hints of Sephardi ancestry in your autosomes.

Second, could you go into more detail with your family's oral tradition? It is something that is connected particularly with your paternal line or just vaguely on your paternal side?

Next, welcome to the E-M84 (https://www.yfull.com/tree/E-M84/) club! I am within the group as well :D . There are several Sephardi lineages within this group, and assuming that you are just of mixed Caribbean ancestry, it's actually relatively likely that you're in one of these Sephardi lineages. Other possibilities include Arab-derived lineages that made their way to Spain or Portugal, or other E-M84 lineages carried by Phoenicians and brought to the West Med earlier. To know for sure, you'd need to take a specific Y-DNA test. Y37 from FTDNA or Alpha-Beta from YSEQ are both good starting options for reasonable prices. If you really are interested though, then I have to recommend either the Big Y-700 or a moderately-priced WGS.

I assume you've already realized your mtDNA is Sub-Saharan African: https://www.yfull.com/mtree/L2a1f/ . Sadly, due to the age and modern spread, it's unlikely you can get any hint on where exactly your maternal line comes from in Africa. I can see coverage from Sierra Leone all the way to Comoros. Maybe a mtDNA full sequence (ordered from FTDNA or included in WGS) could reveal an interesting connection.

Good luck on your research!