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03-18-2014, 10:24 AM
Im researching the R1 mtDNA h/group and finding very little information regarding geographical distributions and movements over time (compared to similar-sized YDNA groupings).

I understand the group is comparatively small and concentrated in the North Caucasus, but would like to understand the timeline of derivation from the "N Super-cluster"

Any pointers for good resources?

Thanks in anticipation !


03-18-2014, 03:15 PM
R1 was likely part of one of the early movements (~45000ybp) of R people from East Asia to South Asia and the West.
Parallel to R1, the earliest R11'B derivative found as yet is the 40000ybp pre-B from Tianyuan. Tianyuan is about equally close (23,168 22,906 23,756 21,944 22,802 23,339) to present day west Eurasians, east Eurasians, and Americans, but quite distant from present day Africans and archaics.

Tianyuan individual differs by 21,944–23,756 substitutions from the Eurasian individuals, by 30,297–35,938 substitutions from the African individuals, and by 43,893 substitutions from the Denisovan individual. Thus, the Tianyuan individual was clearly more similar to present-day humans than to Denisovans, and more similar to present-day Eurasians than to present-day Africans.