View Full Version : Ancestral components that accompany West Asian ancestry on a chromosome painting

03-31-2021, 06:26 AM
This is somewhat of a deviation from my Caucasus thread here (https://anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?23368-Croatians-and-the-Caucasus), given I seem to have found a few West Asian matches, and this seemed like the most appropriate place to ask the question.

I have found two interesting matches, one on GEDMatch, and the other on MyHeritage who is also on GEDMatch. Neither are related. I have contacted Match 1, who says all of his known ancestry is from Turkey. He said his 23andMe results are 50/50 Iranian and Anatolian. His Eurogenes K13 results validate this. Match 2 is 65% West Asian and 23% Eastern Euro on MyHeritage, and majority West Asian on Eurogenes K13.

I have done a chromosome painting for both matches for the segments we share:

Match 1 - This match triangulates with a Cypriot possibly? See here (https://anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?23368-Croatians-and-the-Caucasus&p=761513&viewfull=1#post761513) for their Mixed Mode results.


Match 2 - This match triangulates with a Greek and an Italian.


My question is, are these typical West Asian segments (i.e. Minor East Med/West Asian with Atlantic and Baltic), or do we have a common ancestor that isn't West Asian? Initially I thought we did until I saw the chromosome painting, now I'm not sure. I expected the majority of the segments to be West Asian/East Med.