View Full Version : L21 and the Gall Gael (Gaidheal)

04-03-2021, 02:52 PM
Hi Guys,
There was a discussion on the L513 forum recently that probably warrants wider L21 attention - the question of the Gall Gael (variously spelled). Even their identity seems to be debated, but they seem to be have been a hybrid people of the early middle ages, who gave their name to a large part of south west Scotland (Galloway). The name appears to be an amalgamation of Gall (non-Gael) and Gael, and is often applied to folks of mixed Norse-Gaelic heritage.

Regarding L513, we were discussing the frequency, in light of recent aDNA finds. L513 is found throughout Scotland and Ireland (and elsewhere in the isles), and has recently been found in Viking-age burial sites (the Dorset mass grave, Faroe Islands and Norway) as well as in aDNA remains in two locations in Munster, both right on the coast.

L513 does seem to have been spread along various seaways, and I've even read theories linking it to some maritime Gaulish tribes.

Given that L513 is found a lot so far in MDKA folks from SW Scotland (Galloway), the Gall Gael question was raised. As with all these issues, I'm sure it's not that simple, and the Gall Gael, whoever they were, I'm sure had several HG's among them.

So I wanted to just throw this out there - whether any other L21 groups have done any work on these guys, or any ideas who they actually were, and what HG's might have been involved....

Happy Easter to you all!