View Full Version : Genome Wide Comparison feature has been removed by 23andme

03-29-2014, 12:13 AM
"Release Notes: 28 March 2014

* The Gene Comparison feature has been removed. This feature had limited usefulness as an ancestry tool, and the information presented in the feature was easily misinterpreted and a frequent source of confusion for new customers.

Gene Comparison was one of the first ancestry features available on 23andMe, and it has been supplanted by features such as Family Inheritance and DNA Relatives which provide much more information about relatedness rather than simply the number of SNPs that match between two individuals.
https://www.23andme.com/you/relfinder/ "

03-29-2014, 01:53 AM
Noice, less computation power will be spent to useless tools. It's become obsolete after V4 chips since V4vsV3vsV2 numbers were not interchargable. Now upgrade "Family Inheritance: Advanced" tool and allow us to compare at least 10 samples at once.

04-03-2014, 04:13 PM
For those who used the "Genome Wide Comparison" tool like I, it is still available for now:

"By Christine M. STAFF on Mar 31, 2014
While it's been removed from the navigation, Gene Comparison can still be found at the feature URL:

I didn't mention this in the announcement since this availability is not likely to be indefinite, but for those who are interested you can still access it for now."

IMO it's a mistake 23andme is going to remove the GWC eventually just because it confused new customers. Is 23andme going to remove DNA Relatives because genome share request feature was easily misinterpreted and a frequent source of confusion for new customers resulting more than 2/3 of my matches remaining anonymous and not accepting my genome share request? I don't think so.

The following is a post from the 23andme "Community" board...it is one example of how the Genome Wide Comparison information was valuable:

"You could have just moved it under Advanced Tools and told new customers to take it with a grain of salt. It was pretty useful for regions where 23andMe's Ancestry Composition is completely lacking (like South Asia).

Interesting thing I found, I added many other South Asians to my share genome list then used latitude/longitude coordinates of my top 30 or 40 matches and it placed me really close to my parents' ancestral village. As a South Asian there really isn't much else in the way of objective comparison. Admixture calculators on GEDmatch are fundamentally flawed and GEDmatch's one-to-many uses segment matching and is far superior to 23andMe's DNA Relatives tool because of the bigger database. So this was a one of a kind tool only available at 23andMe. It was the only thing which kept me coming back to the site regularly, to see if I could find new top matches.

The tool is still available since the page for it hasn't been taken down yet. If you don't plan on removing the page itself, adding a link to it under Advanced Tools really isn't all that unreasonable."