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04-13-2021, 05:58 AM
I have seen a lot of posts about the culture/cuisine of a certain group of people, so I wanted to highlight the culture/cuisine of my people (the Iranis).


History of the 'Iroons'Historically this group came during the Qajjar era to escape religious persecution. They changed their name to 'Irani' upon arrival. However, not all Iranis are 'Irani' (last name). Some have names like Kermani, Zorabian etc. Maneckji Limji Hataria went to Iran on a religious pilgrimage. In Iran, he noticed the dire conditions the Zoroastrians faced, so he promised them to help them build shops in India. That's why many Iranis came. It took them roughly 4 months to get to India. Some went to Karachi.

Parsi and Irani distnctionThere really isn't that much to distinguish Parsis with Iranis. Most look rather similar(clothing, appearance etc) and have adopted the Parsi language and way of speaking as well as Parsi culture. This causes many people to incorrectly assume they are the same group(Many Iranis call themselves Parsis as well). However, they are still unique imo especailly the older generation Iranis.

GeneticsGenetically Iranis should be almost pure Iranians.

What I love about the Irani group the most is their cuisine ( a blend of Iranian and Indian food) and the way the older men dress (the caps and shirts).

They have contributed tremendously to the subcontinent and have opened their cafes everywhere from Mumbai to Karachi.

Irani cafes:


The following videos show the cuisine of Irani cafes.

Mr. Kohinoor was born in Yazd in 1923 to Zoroastrian parents. His family moved to India the same year he was born.