View Full Version : Free FGC Kit DF13*(9919 RecLOH Project)

George Chandler
04-01-2014, 07:46 PM
I'm currently asking anyone from the DF13* 9919 RecLOH group to email me if you are interested in participating in a free FGC test. I'm gathering a list of interested people and will decide who to test in a few days. Currently there is 1 9919 A-1 testing and a 9919 A-5 has already tested. If the 9919 SP or one of the other types are interested please let me know asap. The condition being that their test results will be public to myself and others. Contact me at [email protected] with the 9919 RecLOH title if they are interested and know someone who is interested. The person's email to me will have to match their email on the FTDNA 9919 RecLOH Project. If a person hasn't joined the 9919 RecLOH Project I encourage you to do so.


George Chandler